How It Works?

hydro excavation truck

Hydro excavation is a form of vacuum excavation with the use of high pressure water to break up the soil into a slurry form and then sucked into a purpose built truck.

Service locations: Electromagnetic utility locators are used for the location of live conductive services. These locators consist of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter emits a radio frequency into the ground via an induction spillage method, or more accurate direct clamping to an existing metal service. The inductive clamping method transmits a signal onto the service but without direct electrical contact to the line. Once the transmitter has been turned on and set to the required frequency, you then pass over the work area to locate your required service with the receiver and mark ground with paint.

For the most accurate location of services, they should be potholed so a visual check can be achieved.


  • PLS quickly confirms location, and facilitates easy access to maintain or repair pipes, conduits, cables or pits.
  • Trace Services.
  • Safe, Precise and Accurate – no digging or excavators required.
  • Less risk of damage to existing underground services.
  • Cleaner worksite – no piles of dirt in work area, creating easy access.
  • Less disturbance to surrounding worksite and other trades.
  • Cost effective and Time Saving.
truck, ute


Non destructive digging leaves a minimal environmental foot print. With limited machinery tracking back and forth, and trenchless excavation, damage to lawns, plants, root systems, eco – systems are greatly reduced. Excavated material is contained and disposed of at an acceptable site with minimal handling.